[SOLVED] Why PyCharm is scanning my Home folder ?



I know that this question has been adressed and solved poh PhpStorm, by removing the '.' into Settings | Languages & Frameworks | PHP | PHP Includes.

But I could not find the reason in PyCharm.

I noticed that my home directory is marked as library root (which id don't understand why) see image below (the folder hoonakker is my home).

How can I solve that ? PyCharm is scanning my wole computer, and whil doing that is not working.


Hi Frank,

Is it possible to just remove it? Looks like you have some modules of your project in there.

Please attach a screenshot with Project Structure.


Hello serge,

I didn't dare to remove it, because it tell me that it will remove all the file in the folder (which I don't want as it's my home…)

What is weird is that the Project Structure don't contain that folder see below. Don't care about Dropbox, I don't use it anymore, but the naming remain.


Please go to Settings/Preferences | Project | Project Interpreter click gear icon and choose Show All..., then click Show paths for the selected interpreter button (https://www.jetbrains.com/help/pycharm/installing-uninstalling-and-reloading-interpreter-paths.html). Please attach a screenshot of that window.

Do you have any javascript libraries? If so, please also check Settings/Preferences | Languages & Frameworks | JavaScript | Libraries.


Ok I see the problem now. I guess I can remove the folder, the question is why it is appearing.

I don't have javascript library in the project, so no Settings/Preferences | Languages & Frameworks | JavaScript | Libraries is available

EDIT: Removing the folder from the interpretor path did the trick. Thanks



Great, thanks for letting me know.

I haven't seen such behaviour when it is added automatically in interpreter paths, so I cannot tell the reason, unfortunately.


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