Unable to use shortcut Alt+1 or Ctrl+1 in Phpstorm / Ubuntu

Hi, I have no problems using Alt+1 for opening Project tool window on Windows but I can't get Alt+1 to work on Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS.

The issue is that Phpstorm doesn't recognize Alt+1 as Alt+1 but as Alt+Plus. The same for Ctrl+1 (Ctrl+Plus).
I found out by testing the shortcut with Phpstorm / Settings / Keymap / Find Actions by Shortcut.

I have English and Czech keyboards installed in Ubuntu, Alt+Plus is detected regardless of which keyboard layout is active.

I would expect Alt+Plus to be detected only with the Czech keyboard layout (Czech mapping for the numeric keys is 1=+, 2=ě, 3=š...). When I press Alt+2 with Czech layout, Phpstorm correctly shows Alt+ě. I switch to English layout and Phpstorm correctly shows Alt+2.

It's just key with number one that's stuck with +.


There's no system-wide shortcut for Alt+1 and the configuration app for system-wide shortcuts correctly recognizes Alt+1 or Alt++ when I try to create a new shortcut.


Any ideas?


As a workaround, I added Alt+Plus as a secondary shortcut for the Project tool window. But still, I'd like to find the culprit in case it affects something else as well.



Could you please try to put English keyboard layout as the first one in the list of system keyboard layouts and check again?



That helped! Thanks.

Alt+1 works however, I discovered that now I can't press Alt+Plus.

The 1 key is always detected as 1 even with Czech layout.
And the key for Plus on English layout (key =) needs to be pressed with Shift to get the plus sign, and Alt+Shift changes the keyboard layout so...

Alt+Shift+= in Czech layout switches the layout to Czech and is detected as Shift+= in Phpstorm
Alt+Shift+= in English layout switches the layout to English and is detected as Shift+Dead Caron

Fortunately for me, I don't need Alt+Plus (afaik) :-)




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