Generating the list of Angular Schematics no longer shows custom schematics with Angular 7?

Recently - like in the last 4-5 days - I noticed that selecting "Angular Schematic..." no longer shows the collections for custom libraries. This might have been due to a recent update to WebStorm, or maybe because Angular 7 has been released - both occured at around the same time. 

I do see the list of Angular schematics just fine - like the basic ones that come with the CLI - but I no longer see my custom schematics, nor do I see any material schematics either.

Is this a problem that other people are having, or is it just me? And if others have noticed this problem, any timeframe on it being fixed?


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Angulat CLI has changed in 7.0 (we were hoping that it won't happen anymore, but they did it again). is fixed, new cli support can be expected in 2018.3

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Yay! I can't wait for the update.


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