Execute a Java method in Editor and show the result in Console

I am writing a plugin for Java/Kotlin projects for which I need the below functionality.

Let's say I have a method like this in my editor:

private void getPosition(String value, String input) {
String item = globalValue.item;
... // lot of code
String result = compute(value + input);
... // lot of code

I am looking for a way to execute this method and print the output in the Console.

So my questions:

1. How do I execute a piece of Java/Kotlin code which is present in the Editor?

2. How do I inject values for "value", "globalValue", etc?

3. Is it possible to access the value of "result" variable during the execution in my plugin?

Any help is appreciated. I am going through the intellij-community codebase to see if we have some extension that does this.

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