PHPStorm Crashes on High Sierra

Having a lot of issues with PHPStorm lately.

Running v2018.2 but the same issue occurs on 2018.1 and 2017.3.6 also. This is on OSX 10.13.6. The issues have been reproduced on three different machines running that OS. I have not tested with other OS versions but did not run into this issue for many years of using PHPStorm until recently.

PHPStorm starts up but becomes unresponsive. Sometimes this happens after I've been working for a bit and sometimes I can't even click into a project file. One time it happened while the daily tip screen was up and I couldn't close that dialog or interact with the application in any other way.

The ONLY way I can get PHPStorm to run at all is by reinstalling and deleting all of the preferences (one or the other by themselves don't work). Without deleting the prefs and reinstalling, the dock icon will bounce (sometimes just once and sometimes it keeps bouncing) but never launches.

So, not only is this extremely annoying but it means I have to delete the logs in order to even get into the app so it's not easy to even see what happened. I tried rolling back to 2017.3.6 but ran into the same issues. Going to try going back further but doubt that will help either.

I have tried updating the memory available to 2048 and 3000m but neither setting seems to fix the issue (and of course all gets blown out when the settings have to be deleted). This happens on three different machines so not likely to be an OS issue or bad profile.

Found several threads about similar issues on the forums but none seemed to have a solution. Hoping there is a fix that doesn't involve switching IDEs, as this issue has seemed to have just popped up in the last few months.

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Please attach/upload somewhere (e.g. our FTP server, please let us know the filenames) IDE java crash reports (can be seen in logs directory at ~/Library/Logs/PhpStorm2018.2) + Mac error report if you still have them.


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