Multiple definitions exist for class

I've just migrated from netbeans to PHPStorm and I keep receiving this error:


Above is the code I used on my index.php, is there any setting that can help me out? Never had this kind of trouble on Netbeans and it's very annoying...


Do the ctrl+click on Config()  - it would show you where exactly do you have multiple Config definitions. Find one that you don't need & remove/comment out/mark the folder containing it as excluded/mark the file with a class as a "plain text".


your answer helped me a lot. I think its a bug on PHPStorm, but somehow when I have more than one open project the error appears. When I have more than 1 PHPStorm shows "Config()" from all of the project.


It's not ideal, but I can work with that. Thanks a lot!


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