Why is Django is installed in every new virtual environment project.



I've started using Virtual Environments for my Python and Django projects.

What I've noticed  was that every new Django project installs Django.

Is there a way to use just one installation Django for all virtual environment projects?

Thanks for any help.


Hi Jg4549,

Do you mean that you would like to use the same venv/interpreter?

If yes, then when creating a project you could switch to Existing interpreter instead of creating a new virtual env.

Please let me know if I have missed something in your usecase.


Thank you for your reply.

So my question now is if I choose Existing Interpreter would I still be able to create a virtual environment and if so can I choose

which python interpreter (from any other env) to run?


What I meant in my original question was how to use the same env/Django framework in every project created in its own virtual environment.

The main requirement is that all projects python and Django are in a virtual environments.



You can use the same venv/interpreter in your projects. If you go to Settings/Preferences | Project | Project Interpreter  you will be able to switch your interpreter to use the one that needed. Please see https://www.jetbrains.com/help/pycharm/configuring-python-interpreter.html


Thank you for your help.

I got it working.


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