Command + Click Issue

When click on a java script function, PHPStorm is loading the cache file instead of the actual file the function is in. I thin this happened with the last update but I am uncertain. Has anyone else seen this? Example I Command Click on loadDocPage(), instead of opening js.blade.php, it opens 75075cced0e320bdbae4c8e557937cde102f3a49.php. I am working in Laravel


Try marking as excluded (right click > mark as > excluded) all the tmp/log/cache folders of your project.


As I stated, I am using Laravel, it has it's own cache, excluding it's cache is the first thing I tried, when I do that, it does not find the JS function at all. It appears to stem from using Laravel's blade with java script inside and then including the blade in another blade.

Moving the file to a completely separate JS file allowed it to find it, which is strange because it was finding the cache file which is basically a compiled version of the blade file. This is something that was changed in the recent version oh PhpStorm, I have always used blades with JS in them, it allows me the ability to use Laravel variables in the JS file.

For now I have a work around, but I am curious why this just started happening.


Well. no similar reports so far. It would be great if you could attach some screenshots that would illustrate the problem for us


I can do that, I attempted to, but you have to have the image someplace on a URL and I was busy at the time, I will upload some after bit.


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