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Hello I am using goland IDE for Go development. Is there any way to open multiple projects in same window ? 

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vincent_c_chen, we are aware of that UI issue, it will be handled here: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/GO-8314. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Yes, you can add any number of directories via `Settings | Project structure | Add Content Root`. Another way is to find project in GOPATH in Project view and invoke `Add directory to the current project` action in right click menu.

Since GoLand 2018.3 this open will be available while opening the new project.


It would be great to be able to have multiple projects open at the same time, within the same window.

Ideally you could switch between them using tabs on the left hand side of the window.


Thanks Dmitry!

If this were possible, I'd be one of your happiest customers!


@Simon this is already possible in GoLand, see the comment from @Alexander above.

Does the solution to open a project and attach it to the current one not work fork you? Where does it fail for your use-case?



I can certainly attach many folders to one project and manage them from one place.

However these folders wouldn't be necessarily part of the same "project". I might be developing multiple microservices - perhaps written in different programming languages - or I might want to edit terraform code and helm charts for different clients at the same time.

I don't always want Goland to think all these folders are part of the same project and - for example - scan all files when do a refactoring (however I know I can set a more granular scope).

At the same time, it would be nice to view all these projects within the same window.

I hope this make sense.


From the terminal, `cd $project_1; goland .` to open one project (microservice foo). Also, from the terminal, `cd $project_2; goland .` to open a completely different project (microservice bar). I would expect either two GoLand windows or a second project shown on the far left.

Instead, when I try to open $project_2, GoLand re-gains focus and still only shows $project_1. 

Workaround: use menus to file > open and then navigate through the gui to find my project directory then either open in new window or attach to the current project. I feel that going through the gui should not be required.

OS Mac

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Seth J Ammons

Hm, that seems to work for me correctly, but that depends on you configuration heavily

How did you install Goland - did you use jetbrains toolbox app? Or did you download it directly from the website

Is that `goland` a script? 



@... I don't recall how I installed it. Probably from the website. It looks like the goland launcher is some python utility. I assume it is the standard one.

$ type goland
goland is /usr/local/bin/goland

$ head /usr/local/bin/goland
#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

import socket
import struct
import sys
import os
import time
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Not reproduced for me (

Anyway it needs further investigation, so could you please crate a youtrack issue for that?

Help | Submit a Bug Report

logs could help also Help | Compress Logs and Show ... 


In an effort to close out this issue as it affected me in macOS, the linked youtrack has the solution. TL;DR:
open -a "/Applications/GoLand.app" "path to project"


here got the same issue in GoLand 2020.1.

open/create new project and choose "attach" will place the new project under the current one.



You can open multiple golang projects in the same windows if they use the same depency managment system (Go dep or Go modules).
I opened one goland window (A) inside of GOPATH then enable Go dep integration and disable Go mod integration. Then anothen goland window (B) outside of GOPATH with Go mod integration enabled and Go dep disabled.


The way it works in pycharm is you click attach and it adds the project.

In goland it opens a new window.  Why the excuses and hacks? Why what i assume and hope is the same base cod for the UI working in one product correctly and not another?



Hello Mikey, what GoLand version are you using? I can't reproduce the issue so far.

I assume that you expect to view the project on one tree level as it's on PyCharm.

If so, please follow GO-8314 to stay updated.


Hi all, I can open multiple projects in one window as separate projects (not attached):

This, by choosing "New Window" in the dialog:


The only problem I have is that, the above applies on my Macbook Pro 2019 Intel, GoLand version 2020 something.

But I have found NO way to do the same in my Macbook Air 2020 with M1, and Goland version 2021.1.2.

Is there a setting, or would I have to downgrade to the 2020 version I'm using in my Macbook Pro?

Both have BigSur, up to date.





It seems it's a feature of BigSur on Mac, you can enable it here:



Gabriel Medina You're right. It depends on your macOS Prefer tabs setting. There is a little guide and introduction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRdpG80sRIs


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