Randomly unable to view Stored Procedures

I am not able to view the source of some of some of my stored procedures:

-- auto-generated definition
create procedure fileActivity([@_userId] int, [@_unitId] int, [@_activityType] tinyint,
[@_relativeQuantity] int, [@_relativeTotalMass] float,
[@_date] datetime2) as -- missing source code

I have been able to temporarily fix this, in rare cases, by manually clicking `Synchronize` on my Schemas / Database, but not always.

I have noticed this from time to time since DataGrip v. 2018.2.



Just noticed that I can right-click the SPROC in the treeview, and select `SQL Scripts` -> `Request and Copy Original DDL` to at least get the content copied to my clipboard--this makes me able to continue work at least 👍.


What database do you use?

Does in happen on 2018.3?



MS SQL Server.

I am not sure, I updated to 2018.3 just a few days ago. Just now, I selected a SPROC and was unable to view the source, but once I clicked `Synchronize` it appeared, and this is not normally the case.

Ill' make an update if I run into the issue again. Thanks!


Please, check Notify when the outdated object is opened



Done. I'll see if that helps, thanks!


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