HTML File Inspection says: "Valid XML document must have a root tag"

In PHPStorm I get the error inspection message: Valid XML document must have a root tag when I code a div inside another div. The code would be fine with me, but inspection warns me. How can I get phpstorm to accept the code as correct? Or is it realy a correct warning? The code is the following:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html xmlns="" lang="de"
<meta charset="utf-8">
<title>Template: test</title>

<f:layout name="Default"/>

<f:section name="Content">
<div class="test1">
<div class="test2">


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Just tried the aforementioned code on my PhpStorm installation and got no warning like this during the inspection.

Would it be possible to share a screenshot with inspection warning?

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Yes, this is possible:

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Based on screenshot (the error place and light green background) .. you may have some custom Language Injection rule that might be triggering this.

Please show your "Settings/Preferences | Editor | Language Injections..." -- maybe you accidentally have created some rule...

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Cool! That solved the problem. After disabling all and enabling by try and error I identified this on as the problem:

Left it turned off and everything is fine.

Is this one that I created by mistake or is it a system default injection that got messed up?

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Check the "Scope" column. If it's "IDE" or "Project" -- it's user created (unlikely to be provided by a plugin).

Considering that the div tag used -- it has to be created by the user (there is no reason at all to have such rule by default).

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Yes Scope is IDE!

I removed the rule.

Thank you very much!!!


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