Debugger opens wrong html file

Hey guys, im quite new to phpStorm.

I was nearly freaking out, when I was doing some CSS.

My previews in the Browser didn't show what I coded.

it seemed as if it mixed some old CSS files with my new HTML files.

Since this evening I dont even get a preview of my actual code

Just check the photo:


Are you opening the right page? It doesn't look so, by the looks of a file name & link address


Hi Dmitry,


Thanks for your reply.

I found out what was going wrong, or maybe it is needed like that.

I had a second file with the same name and it was always opening the old one (first I created).

After I renamed the aufgabe6\test.html it worked.

btw, how can i rename a file in phpStorm? I realised it in the Windows Explorer, but I think there is an intern possibility.


@Adrian Vieceli

Use "Refactor | Rename" on a file (e.g. invoke from Project View panel).


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