Markdown Support plugin preview not working in Linux

I have installed the Markdown Support plugin Version: 182.4129.4 in pycharm community edition version 2018.2.4-1 on Manjaro Linux running 4.19.1-1-MANJARO kernel.

I am able to edit the .md file but I am unable get the preview of it. On checking the Markdown option in the Languages & Frameworks tab in the Settings, it shows 'There are no available preview providers'.

I have been able to reproduce this bug on the previous two versions of pycharm and the plugin too. I have no problem in the Windows 10 counterpart. The plugin works fine in Windows 10 even in previous version of pycharm and the plugin.


Please can you provide your idea.log ( Don't paste it here, upload it to some file server and provide a link


Most likely the JRE you run PyCharm with (Oracle 1.8.0_192-b26) doesn't include javaFX; can you check if the issue persists when using the bundled JDK? See for instructions on switching IDE JDK


Thank you! I found the solution.

The default bundled JRE with Pycharm on my system was the Oracle 1.8.0_192-b26, which did not work, the other JRE installed by default on my linux system was the JAVA-8-open-JDK which also did not work.

What worked for me was installing the Oracle 1.8.0-192 JRE from the oracle website and using it as my JDK on Pycharm.


>The default bundled JRE with Pycharm on my system was the Oracle 1.8.0_192-b26, which did not work

PyCharm doesn't bundle Oracle JRE, it bundles custom JRE provided by JetBrains, and it definitely includes javaFX...

Anyway, nice to hear you've solvbed the problem:)


I'm sorry, on further checking I found that the bundled jdk is not the one I mention in earlier post, but the build number of the bundled jdk is the same as the one I was previously using i.e. 1.8.0_192-b26, which did not work for some reason.

The one which worked for me had a different build i.e Oracle 1.8.0_192-b12


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