How do i disable an inspection for a class globally?


I have lots of these inspections warnings for java.util.Date:

Warning:(117, 14) java: setHours(int) in java.util.Date has been deprecated


This is not news, but for various reasons i have to use this functionality (read: GWT for example).


Is it possible for me to exclude the deprecation inspection for the Date class, only?

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Yes, i know about suppressing inspections, but i do not wish to suppress the entire inspection, but only for the Java date class.


I am using date.gethour() in lots of places. Rather than going around and disable the inspection manually in all places i use it, i wanted to know if there was somewhere in the settings for me to say "i want to continue to inspect for deprecation, except for wherever i use the Date class" (Date is a system class, not one of my own).


I hope you see what i mean.


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