"Structure" tree keeps collapsing

It's in the title; the method tree keeps randomly collapsing, mostly when I reload the page in my browser. I have no clue why this would be happening, but it gets annoying really quick. Also the structure tree window seems to ignore that I unchecked "Pinned Mode", because it just keeps pinned to the screen until I minimize it manually. I need a fix for this, thanks.


Ubuntu 16.04

Firefox 63.0

PHPStorm 2018.2


No related bugs so far. Please check this with all custom plugins disabled.

There's another issue tho when Structure windows doesn't show correct data: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-183801.


This is a vanilla installation, no plugins. I'm pretty sure I read issues about the project tree window having similar problems.


There's a bug mentioning collapsing Structure view, it's set as a duplicate of the same issue: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-183801

What version are you on? Is there a chance you could elaborate reproduction steps and post them to the bug?

because it just keeps pinned to the screen until I minimize it manually

It depends on where you click to close it. Is it split with the Project tool window? If so, doesn't clicking in the Project tree close the Structure pane?


>What version are you on?

It just updated to 2018.2.6.

>It depends on where you click to close it.

I would expect it to behave exactly like the project tree window, which closes when I click into my code.

>Is it split with the Project tool window?

Not sure what you mean, I have 2 tabs on my left sidebar, one for each tool window.

Right now, Structure tree window is more or less broken. I just leave it open, because then it doesn't seem to randomly collapse the tree.


Michael, please take a look at the attached GIF animation, I guess this is the issue with a non-pinned window you are talking about?

You may notice that clicking on the code area will not close non-pinned Structure window which is split with Project tool _unless_ it is focused.

However, clicking on Project tool area or Structure tab will close it.

Speaking of the collapsing tree, I have just tested Ubuntu 18.04.1 with Firefox 63.0 & PhpStorm 2018.2.5 (the latest official version available) but was not able to reproduce the issue. You have mentioned that it usually happens after a webpage refresh, could you please tell me if this is some specific webpage or you just open Firefox with any random site, refresh it and Structure tree is collapsed?



Thanks for the explanation. I understand the behaviour of the structure window now, but I fail so see the logic.

The project window is always focused when opened.

If I open the structure window, it does not seem to be focused by default. So to close it, I would have to focus it first, then click outside of it - which is more complicated than just minimizing it manually.

Luckily in my OO projects, I will hardly ever need the structure window. But I had to work with legacy code and it was even less joy while battling the structure window O.o.



I would vote for a feature, but certainly not for a bugfix.


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