Ampersand not showing in string

I'm sure there is a setting for this somewhere (like there is for everything else) but I'm not finding it.

In PhpStorm, ampersand show up in usual php contexts:

if( $i && $j)

but if when I type  an ampersand  in a string, it is "invisible" :

$string = 'I like cookies  cream ';

Lack of feedback that the ampersand is actually there is bugging me.  Any ideas?






Hi there,

No solid ideas. Maybe if you can show a screenshot of how it looks .. maybe it will give some clues...


  • Try using Default color scheme, no Material/Darcula or any other.
  • Try disabling all non-standard (not bundled by default) plugins
  • Try another font (just to see how it will be there)

Here it works just fine: Windows 10, PhpStorm 2018.2.5


The & is just completely invisible.  It does not show when highlighted (as when you select it, or it is highlighted as a found string).

However, I changed fonts and it now shows up.   I was using the Source Code Pro font and switching to any other font causes it to appear.    I guess I now need to re-evaluate fonts again and find a new one.


Thanks for the suggestion. I was convinced it was a setting.


What the difference between & in the actual PHP code and PHP string? I mean -- how does it look on your setup?

Do you have the string in italic or stuff like that (that's the first thing that comes into my mind here)?

If yes -- perhaps it's some sort of font corruption when italic & cannot be displayed and will be displayed in "normal" style.

Just thoughts...


I wasn't able to find any formatting specific to the &.   When previewing the fonts in settings->Editor->Font the & shows correctly   

A further discovery.   It's related to the php specific formatting.   


Has to be the font issue for sure. Possibly bold font part...

Anyway: check this comment / solution:

P.S. Why not try Consolas font (native for Windows platform)


That is definitely a relevant thread!    I downloaded a new set of Source Code Pro fonts, uninstalled/reinstalled them.  Re-started PhpStorm...and it's now completely corrupted, including in the font preview.  I think I'll just move on.

After you suggested that it might be the font and I discovered that it was indeed the problem I actually did switch to consolas.   So far I like it at least as well as Source Code Pro.

Thanks for the help!


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