PhpStorm "Structure tool windows" show <td> at same level than previous "title" : <h?>, and not the <th>

since a recent update,
pro an unknown reason the "Structure tool windows" in "HTML 5 Outline" mode,
have a bug displaying all <td> and part of their contents in structure at same level than previous "title", the <th> remain invisible.

I tested many time (with just one <tr> and one <td>, removing <thead> & <tbody>) and I can't remove this annoying <td> list display,
and I remember before I didn't seen them, but only titles.

Is someone having the same trouble ? And am I alone ?
Help me because I don't need to see all <td> of my <table>. 

Thank you.


That's - feel free to vote for it or comment it to get notified about its updates



Thank you pro your quick response, I will vote pro it. And a the link of my issue. Good bye.


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