Completion for '->' pair

Hi. There is an autocompletion of -> pair for $this keyword:

we type $this-  and ide add '>' for us and show members of $this.

Is it possible to enable such feature for all object types? (that can't be affected of minus operator)

I think it's possible for ide to know about operator overloading of each conrete variable to auto-add '>' after - (minus) of not.

Thanks. :)

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There's a feature request for that, please leave your vote:
I'll also add a link to this thread in a private comment there.

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Hi there,

No ..

... but you may use Ctrl+Dot in code completion popup -- it will auto-complete current entry and will add -> at the end.

Available in next 2018.3 major version only. RC version is already available:

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Thanks! Hope feature request will be accepted. :)


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