Refactored directory by mistake. How to change back to old directory?

I'm an idiot. I refactored the top level name of my project not realizing I was actually renaming the real directory on my webserver. I now realized that I should have simply renamed the project. Be that as it may, I've now lost access to the files on the original directory. Not wanting to interupt people needing those resources, I've repointed the webserver to the new directory, but the new directory breaks our naming scheme, Since I'm picky about that sort of thing, I want to get everything back to the original name.

I've tried to refactor it back but storm tells me the old directory is already exists. I rebooted everything and removed the old directory to break any connections to that directory and Storm still tells me the old directory already exists.

Any ideas as to how to do this. The message is clearly from Storm as the mapping is unique to my current computer. Is there a file somewhere that I can edit out the existence of that directory so Storm will let me move everything back the way it was?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi there,

No ideas about your project and what folder name it is (why it tells that the folder exist already) .. but have you tried to use Local History to rollback your refactored changes?


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