YUI Compressor CSS / CSSO - Big Files not working


both css compressors are working. But for my big css files like 28.000 rows ( 700 kb ) is nothing going on.

Is there a way to make it working?





What do you mean saying that they don't work? Do they work when you run them in terminal?


When i change something in a css file it creates the min file or update the min file. If i change something in a big file there is no update of the min.

Looks like if the css file is to big, there is no outcome ?


Is the watcher triggered when you edit and save your big file? Set Show console to Always in watcher settings to get the console displayed each time the watcher is triggered, edit your file - can you see the console? Also, does compressing work if your run it in terminal?


Mmm... i get output and correct file on small files. But with my big files nothing in output.

In terminal it works for both. Big and small.


Tested this with a file of 1073 K size - works like a charm.

Please enable "Trigger watcher regardless of syntax errors" - does it make any difference?


"Trigger watcher regardless of syntax errors" - is this a problem of svgs? Thank you!


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