Project settings for second project in a window


I have two projects open in a window, and am trying to edit the settings for the second. The first project, I can see as a section on the left in the settings dialogue, but there is no section for the second project.

This appears to be the same issue as this post asks about, but does not receive an answer to.

I am using PyCharm Professional 2018.2.5

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Hi Nick,

Do you have a project dependencies? Can you see Project Dependencies in your settings?

Please attach a screenshot showing it.

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I've managed to figure this out.


For others with the same question: If you have multiple projects open, you have a section at the side of the Project Dependancies, Project Interpreter, and Project Structure, panes that lets you select project.

The heading on the left hand pane where you select the settings section keeps the first project name though, which seems like a bug to me. This is with 2018.2.5 PyCharm Professional on Linux, but is similar in 2018.3


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