Unable to edit php after update to 2018.3

After updating to 2018.3 I'm completely unable to edit php files. The cursor keeps backspacing after I type anything.


Could you please confirm that I understand your scenario correctly — you are trying to type some code and it is instantly erased just like "backspace" is pressed?

Are there any other files affected or only .php files? Would it be possible to record a screencast? What OS are you on?


Thanks in advance.


Exactly. Anything I type is erased as if backspace is pressed.

OS is Linux Ubuntu (mint) and all files are affected. Not just PHP.


It turned out to be a corrupt install. Upacking and replacing the exisiting files cured the problem.


Thanks for the update, glad to know that it is working fine now!


Unfortunately I spoke too soon.

I manually replaced the files with 2018.2 files.

Any attempt to update to 2018.3 results in my being unable to edit in PHPStorm. Anything I type gets backspaced out.


Please not just replace files, but purge the directory prior to doing that. And unpack 2018.3 there, not 2018.2.


I have a same problem with same OS, pasting works, some special chars also works. And all old files deleting did help.


I have a same problem.

OS Linux.

I've try:

* remove .idea folder from project

* remove .PhpStorm2018.3 config folder

* reinstall PhpStorm

Nothing help to me. I cannot type any alphabet symbols :(

I've downgraded to version 2018.1.5.

  • reinstall PhpStorm

Please note that unpacking a newer PhpStorm version over the old one isn't gonna work. You need to purge the directory completely, and only unpack after that. Would that help?


Now i've installed 2018.3.2. Current version do not contain this bug.



Same problem from 2018.3 (still in 2018.3.3) 


I'm using ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS

I tried clean install, invalidate caches, other JDKs, etc...


Does it happen in md files only?

Please run Help > Compress Logs and Show in ... and upload somewhere the resulting archive so we could download & check it.


I install secondary phpstorm 2018.3.3 in other folder (keep 2018.2 in same place) and 2018.3 works! I don't understand anything but it's working!!


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