Open same project in multiple windows


I have a Rails application that performs an expensive operation. I do not want to sit and wait for it to complete. I want to work on other aspects of the application, as the expensive operation is done. Consequently, I want to be able to launch the project on a different ports e.g. port 3000, another on port 3001, just as I could do it in terminal. But when I try to open the project again using File > Open, it just returns back to the currently opened project. How can I open same project in different windows and run the rails server in each different window?


Yes, I think this is a really good habit to secure your data and privacy services. So, save everything during any process or during whatever you are doing on your system. 

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Hello John,

You can try creating a new separate Run configuration for it, isn't it an option for you?


Hello Olga,

When I create a new run configuration with a different port and then I try to run the configuration, I get this error, since the other server is already running:

A server is already running. Check /home/john/projects/core/tmp/pids/

So even though the currently running server is using port 3001 and I try to launch a server using port 3000, it gives error 'a server is already running'.


And in case you run it from the console isn't created?


If i click ok it does go away but its obviously not resolved Toshiba scan file error as it keeps reoccurring. Any ideas what the problem is and whether it is an easy fix or am i going to have to send it back to Toshiba?


My browser was also behaving something like that. I contacted geek squad tech support team. They helped me with the issue.


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