My plugin tests have to rely on jars which are partially not part of the openapi


Hello everyone, I have been developing an advanced angular plugin for some time ( if you are interested, it is complementary to the Idea toolchain in this area)

I am making good progress, however, I am facing a certain problem in my build chain. To support typescript and html artifacts in my tests I have to rely on several jars which are delivered in intellij but partially not part of open api

  • mainly: css.jsr
  • css-openapi.jar
  • javascript-openapi.jar
  • JavaScriptLanguage.jar
  • js-test-cpommon.jar
  • resources_en.jar

The problem here is, since this is partially closed source you need an idea license (which I have of course) but I cannot reference those jars in any way in my build to have the build for a new user automated. So all I could do is basically to leave a document for the users on where to find those jars and where to add them, and add a generic reference to be picked up in gradle (

testCompile fileTree(dir: 'libs/transient', include: '**/*.jar')


If I don´t add those jars the tests fail because typscript is not registered as language etc...

Is there a way to automate this so that a user does not have to go through the hazzle of digging the jars out himself before being able to run a full compile including tests.






Hi Werner,

have you considered using

You can specify IntelliJ Ultimate as an SDK type and simply add JavaScript and CSS as a dependency


Wow, thanks, 

adding IU JavaScript and CSS really did the trick.. the build now works without manual jar installs.

Thanks a lot.


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