Don’t work Cntr+v

In my Phpstorm don’t work copy files inside ide. If I using Cntr+c and Cntr+v copy file don’t work. But if I copy from Finder it’s ok.
Please help me. Thank you.


Is it macOS you're using (it seems so because of Finder being involved)?
If so, would using Cmd+C/V solve the issue?


Yes, macOS.

Cmd+C/V - don't work. I wrote about this in a post.


You wrote "Cntr+C", that's why I asked.

Please navigate to Preferences | Keymap, click the magnifier/keys icon and press Cmd+C in the field and check what action it's attached to.


I wrote - "I using Cntr+c and Cntr+v" )

I don't really see how Cntr translates into Cmd/Command. :)

The screenshot looks legit. I guess Cmd+V is also mapped to Paste? If so, is there anything suspicious in the IDE log after you use those shortcuts?


Sorry, Cmd of course) Looks like it is all because of years of work on windows

Yes, Cmd+V is also mapped to Paste. I also want to note that the menu also does not work too.

This my log:


I also want to note that the menu also does not work too.

Please try disabling all custom plugins at Preferences | Plugins > Show: Custom, restart IDE and check the issue after that.

It would be great if you could also download PhpStorm 2018.3, install it & check if it works there.


Did it work after disabling plugins? 

Anyway, glad to hear things are Ok now.


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