Debugger Not Connecting

I am running Webstorm 2018.3, Chromium 70.0.3519.0 with JetBrains IDE Support on Windows 10.

The plugin shows that it is connected to Webstorm however Webstorm is not able to connect when a debugging session is started.

Any thoughts?


Is it about node.js or client-side debugging? What run configuration do you use? Please provide screenshots that show up your issue


Thanks for your reply, It is client side debugging.


Here are some screenshots:


Chromium with plugin connected to Webstorm:

JS Debugger Configuration (I run this with debug)

Webstorm message after starting JS Debugger:


Most probable reason of such issues is a network configuration that blocks connections on this port/localhost/etc. Does your network traffic go via proxy? Can you provide your idea.log ( along with the JetBrains IDE extension console content (, How do I know what's wrong?)? Please don't paste logs content here, upload them to some file server and provide a link.

Also, can you check if debugging works without extension (Use JetBrains IDE Support extension for debugging and Live Edit disabled in Settings | Build, Execution, Deployment | Debugger | Live Edit)?


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