Ctrl+click still searching in other 'root' source or scoped folders

I have multiple folders in a project each marked as "source root", but when Ctrl+clicking onto a function or method or object or var etc, it's dropping down results in the Choose Declaration box from all other folders with matches outside of the root folder of the file I'm doing it in...

Example above is 3 different Laravel installs I'm testing... with the number of repos we use, it's a pain to have a separate project window for each of these (right now we're in and out of 20 repos, I won't even imagine what this would be like with microservices in each of multiple business project repos).

I've also set each folder to be "scoped" to itself (recursively) in Preferences > Appearance & Behavior > Scopes, but even after quitting PHPStorm and re-opening the project, it's still checking all repos for the declaration and also giving me the pop-up warning that "Multiple definitions exist"... which is inaccurate since they're being run as completely separate sites!

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