Live Edit working with remote server

I develop websites on remote test servers and I discovered the Live Edit feature. The premise is that I started with PHPStorm since 10 days.

The problem is that I cannot find a complete guide to activate that function on remote servers.

I read the official documentation but still not getting there.

Can somebody help me through it?


  1. Install the LiveEdit plugin.
  2. Configure it as it's shown here
  3. Create a deployment configuration that would copy your sources to the remote server.
  4. Configure the deployment configuration to upload changes on save or always.
  5. Create a similar run/debug configuration.
  6. Install the JetBrains IDE Support plugin into your Chrome.
  7. Click Debug:

@Eugene Morozov I tried all possible configs, including your step by step guide above and nothing works for me. PhpStorm 2019.1, server at, file at

Everything else is identical to your instructions. Changes are uploaded on Explicit save (also tried Always). Files uploaded via SFTP.

Any clues?


Confim this issue, @Eugene Morozov this guide doesnt work on PhpStorm 2020.1


should work. First of all please check if LiveEdit works locally.


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