Find/Replace in Selection Peforms Very Strangely

I have a simple usage scenario which seems pretty standard in editors that doesn't work well in Webstorm - I need to do a Find/Replace within a selection.

In all other editors, I select the text I want to perform the Find/Replace in, and then I hit Ctrl-H. I expect this to bring up the Find/Replace dialog with the Selection option pre-checked, since the editor noticed I had a selection.

But instead, the selected text is placed inside of the Find/Replace box. Which is weird - since if you have a multi-line selection and do a Find/Replace you're almost never trying to Find/Replace the selection itself. Then - when you clear the text out of the Find box, the selection goes away... which, if you're not paying attention, leads to do you find/replace on the entire file. 

Seems like if you hit Ctrl-H with multi-lines select, it should perform as it does in Word/VS/etc?

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