Dropdown for tables jumps around when modifying tables, causing user confusion. Video included




Here is a simple case where adding PK's to multiple tables, one at a time, using the Modify table context menu. 

There is also the obvious latency between the user and when the task completes, however the previously selected table will still remain as the currently selected table to modify.


You'll notice the item jump up once when the previous table is done being modified, however I have encountered an issue where if you continue doing this with 3 or more you'll actually end up with the wrong table to edit in the popup, and not the one you right clicked on.


I hope this isn't too confusing.


Here is the video  >  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cSxaf_XNDNaEWoG_FdPKbb_B-YoPByJK/view




We're fixing it now – the whole introspection process for PostgreSQL will be reworked.

Let's check when the fix will be released.


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