Markdown Plugin Features Request

1. It would be nice if image URLs like "<p align="center"><img src="/images/ATTiny10IDE%20Screenshot.png"></p>" would display the image in the preview panes.  Note: I use this to included images when I post projects to GitHub and GitHub translates the URL to match my project (see for an example.)  But, since the /images/ folder is a folder in my project, it would nice if the Markdown Plugin could also display the image, as I currently can't see if I entered the URL correctly until I check the project in GitHub after pushing an update.

2. I would be really nice if the View->Active Editor->Use Soft Wraps selection would persist (or was the default, as I have to reenable it each time I start IntelliJ.



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2. options in View | Active Editor group only affect active editor (current editor tab) and (by design) don't persist on tab closing/session restart. You need to enable Use soft wraps in editor in Settings | Editor | General to make the option persist


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