WebStorm not using italic font properly


I have been using the Firicico font on vscode for some time now and wanted to start doing the same with jetbrains IDE. The feature that made me switch to that font from Fira coda was the cursive italic that add a strong contrast in my code and make seeing characters all day a little more funky.

Sadly Webstorm (and probably all other JB IDE) does not seems to use the "Firicico Italic.ttf" font when using italic (the firicico font come with two file firicico.ttf and firicico italic.ttf).

So I was wondering if I'm missing a configuration or if I must file a bug report ?


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Hmm... for me, only firicico italic.ttf is used for everything (e.g. both plain and italic text are shown using this ugly weird cursive...)

It's either a problem with font itself or a bug in java font rendering. I can see the same result shown for simple java text field when using Java API to render fonts.

Please feel free to describe your issue in youtrack, https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issues/JRE, to let our engineers investigate it


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