Expecting newline or semicolon

please i dont know how to fix this, it keeps showing the error expecting newline or semicolon



Similar syntax works fine for me... What IDEA version do you use? What javascript language version is chosen in Settings | Languages & Frameworks | JavaScript? Does the error persist after caches invalidation (File I Invalidate caches, Invalidate and restart)?


I'am using IDEA 2016.1.1 and ECMAScript 6 for javascript as it is shown bellow


well thanks Elena but it seems like even  (File I Invalidate caches, Invalidate and restart) didn't work for me !


Great, thanks for the update!

>I'am using IDEA 2016.1.1

Did you probably mean 2018.1.1? ES2015 dynamic imports are not supported in IDEA 2016...


No am using IDEA 2016.1.1 and imports are working well , and i dont have that semicolon problem in all my js files


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