pycharm and aws sam

I just installed pycharm and installed aws sam and the aws sam plugin for pycharm.

I can't configure the sam cli executable location though.  It is in /usr/local/bin  but I can't even see /usr/local   and I have r+x to the full file path and can navigate there  in my terminal. Looking at the folders under /usr while trying to browse the folders are completely different.  So I am assuming this is operating in some sort of virtual environment.  I have tried creating the project using an existing interpreter to avoid the virtual ... but it makes no difference, I can't navigate to the sam cli.  I'm very interested in using this IDE as I have used it a bit in the past and being able to do at least some local execution and debugging compared to trying to do it on AWS console would be a huge help.

I would appreciate any help on this possible



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Can you please tell how exactly do you try to change the executable for sam cli? In other words, please provide reproduction steps for the issue, otherwise it's not very clear.

I will try to reproduce and help you.


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