Lost all projects and settings in most recent update

My PhpStorm updated automatically overnight / this morning and now all my projects and settings are gone. I didn't export my settings since I had no idea there would be an update.

All my projects and settings are gone. I tried following the instructions in other tickets of moving the new settings files out of my application folders (I'm on Mojave.) In those instructions it says PhpStorm will load my old settings automatically if I do this, but no dice. It simply does nothing.

I have years of custom settings and dozens of projects. It would take a long time to start over. How do I import my settings from the files themselves, without a settings jar/zip file?


OK, I figured it out. Even though I was updated from 2018.3 to 2018.3.1, and haven't been on 2018.2 for some time, my settings were in the folder ".../Preferences/PhpStorm2018.2" and not PhpStorm2018.3 as you might expect.


I have the same problem, but looks like I did not even launch 2018.3 - settings folder is empty. It doesn't ask me to import anything, And can't import 2018.2 manually since there is no settings.zip in there.


Try to remove existing .PhpStorm2018.3 config folders per https://www.jetbrains.com/help/phpstorm/tuning-the-ide.html#default-dirs, then launch PhpStorm 2018.3 & when prompted to import settings - browse to .PhpStorm2018.2 config folder.


>  remove existing .PhpStorm2018.3 config folders

This helped. Thank you


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