Unwanted .rakeTasks files generated in source code directory


I am having an issue with the `.rakeTasks` file is being generated in my source directory.  I am using RubyMine with multiple projects open, directory structure looks like this:

 - src
 - - ruby_project_1
 - - ruby_project_2
 - - etc

When I open a single project `.rakeTasks` is generated within `.idea` directory as normal, but for `ruby_project_1` and `ruby_project_2` above it is generated at the top level alongside my source code.  I have solved it by adding `.rakeTasks` to my global `.gitignore`, but I'm reporting as I think this is a bug.


Hello James,

could you please specify whether in RubyMine you open ruby_project_1 and ruby_project_2 and after opening them there're .rakeTasks being generated in the project's root?


Hi Olga,

I open main_project, and two .rakeTasks files are generated, one in each of ruby_project_1 and ruby_project_2's project roots.


I am getting the same. For me a .rakeTasks file keeps being generated, I'm not sure exactly what triggers it but it gets generated in a dependency in my project that uses a ruby client.


It'd be great if your could submit a corresponding issue on our tracker (https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issues/RUBY) specifying your steps for reproduce. Just to be sure, does it happen in the last 2019.1 EAP?


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