Horrible performance with PHPStorm


PHPStorm lags horribly when editing fairly large JavaScript files (12,000 lines of code). It maxes out CPU and literally brings the entire PC to halt. The editing itself is a terrible experience, its like working in slow motion. There's an input lag from when you keypress until its shown on screen, code folding takes time, even searching. Its a really bad experience.

My machine is a Surface Book 2 with i7 (4 cores) and 16 RAM, latest windows 10 and PHPStorm 2018.2

P.S - I thought that its something in my laptop so i formatted it, but the issue persists, and I don't encounter any of this with other demanding software such as Photoshop / Premier and even gaming.

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Shir has also contacted tech support, I forwarded the ticket to the WebStorm team, the issue is being investigated.

I know it's our fault that the product doesn't work as expected, but please avoid posting the same issue to multiple platforms. Thank you!


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