Same happening with me and as the settings repo VCS doesn't work accurately

at times i loose my skin and TODO filters

need a solution



Do you by any chance use settings sharing? Please note Export/Import actions are disabled if you use one of the settings share options, as described here:


More information on topic: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-202548

If you don't use any of the settings share options, please let me know.


I disabled the settings repository, and it now works - thanks!



Thank You it worked even for me.

But for future would like to know if we'll be able to use both the option Settings repo as well export settings simultaneously??


Actually, disabling the settings repo removes all my settings (including live templates, representing a lot of work).  They come back when I re-enable the settings repo.


Can I somehow get rid of the settings repo, but keep my settings?

Hi Willem, Since your settings are stored in repository, when you remove the link, PyCharm cannot access them anymore. Please try "Settings Repository | Overwrite local" function. After it's done, disable the repository, and PyCharm should load settings from your local machine. Just be careful not to overwrite your remote settings. Let me know if you have more questions.

Thanks, but this didn't work:


I over-wrote local:

Then disabled the settings repository, and all my settings still disappeared.

Worse, I tried to load from settings repository on another computer (over-writing local), and the settings don't seem to load (although, when I look on bitbucket, files exist that seem to correspond to LiveTemplates I have recently created).


The settings come back if I re-enable the settings repository


With great effort and restarting PyCharm, I seem to be able to load the settings repository settings elsewhere, now.  Haven't figured out how to get my settings out of the settings repository so I can stop using it, however!


There's a setting under Settings | Tools | Settings Repository, where you can delete the repository link. If you do that, Import/Export actions should re-appear in File menu.

Please try it, let us know if this doesn't work


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