A small issue, phpstorm not finding a function.


Hey everyone,

I'm currently recoding everything from functional programming to oop since it looks nicer and is more common. But I'm facing this issue. Please see the images below:

I'm looking up some guides to see if I'm doing it wrong. I'm very self conscious am I doing something wrong? Is this normal? I looked up an object oriented mysqli connection and data retrieval I didn't see much of a difference of what I'm doing.

All the best,


edit: forgot to mention, the code you see does work fully.

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Hi there,

What exactly does not work?

My best guess so far .. is that IDE doe snot offer code completion after "$this->driver->" or "$this->browser->". If that's so --  provide proper typehints to those variables using PHPDoc comments, e.g.

class myClass {

/** @var \Some\BrowserClass */
private $browser;

Right now IDE does not know what type $browser field is so cannot give you proper suggestions. This is because your start_browser() function does not provide proper return type (which you can provide using PHPDoc .. or PHP own mechanics (PHP 7.x)).

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That was the issue! Thank you very much I've learned phpdocs now very convenient!


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