Problem with PhpUnit configuration in multiple projects using same remote machine

I've multiple PHP projects using the same Vagrant machine using PhpUnit.

Both projects have a local PhpUnit configuration using the same Remote Interpreter / Remote matchine.

My problem: I can either get Project A working or Project B (in their own respective IDE windows) but never both; because some "shared" configuration of the "global" PhpUnit is different.

Setup for Project A:

Setup for Project B:

In these Dialogs I need:

- Different Mappings => this works 👍

- But also different autoload Paths => this isn't possible, because it's shared


I _think_ this has to do because in both Projects I'm using the same Remote Interpreter because they're on the same Vagrant VM. But I only specify one Remote Interpreter for one destination machine it seems.

Any ideas how to properly configure PhpUnit here? I think I'm missing something, but can't figure it out.


- Markus

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Ok, I was a bit too fast. I can configure two Remote Interpreters for the same PHP version, but this doesn't seem to fix the problem. There's still something else connecting the two projects setups...

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Since the configuration of "PHPunit library" seems to be shared between all instances, I thought about providing a PHAR on the remote machine which is the same for all.

However in this case, PhpUnit doesn't work at all and I get:

> Cannot find PHPUnit in include path (.:/usr/share/php


Also, realized with the multiple remote interpreter to the same VM, I can declare them but not select. Whenever I select the second one, it always jumps back to the first one for this host 🤔

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Just found , guess it's a bug/missing feature/whatever :-(


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Aha! I've had used a the "Deployment configuration" via which I specified the remote interpreter.

I remove all interpreter/phpunit/etc. configurations and started over from scratch and set up the remote CLI to be via vagrant. This seems now to work as the "Test framework" configuration now seems independent and I can configure two different autoloaders 🤷‍♀️


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