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I am new to PHPStorm and coming from IDE called RapidPHP. The best feature in RapidPHP was the code snippets (like Live Templates in PHPStorm) listed in a sidebar docking window. The advantage I see over having abbreviation system of PHPStorm is that I have all my snippets in front of me and I just need to double click it to activate it. In PHPStorm, I need to remember the abbreviation of the Live Template.

Is there any way I can have my Live Templates listed in a docking sidebar window (like Projects etc)?\



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Hi there,

You cannot listed them there.

But, you can just hit special key and it will list all applicable Live Templates for you to complete:

"Code | Insert Live Template" -- Ctrl+J using Default keymap. If you want to see what that Live Template does -- hit Ctrl+Q (View | Quick Documentation) while completing it to see the preview/template body.


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