IDEA 3.1----Unlike 2.4, Darcula theme squashes my editor background color on import


(Linux Mint Mate, 18.mumble---based upon Ubuntu 16.04, on intel x64 machine)


Ok, having tested this side-by-side with 2.4, what happens is this:

1. WORKING: When I [re] install 2.4, while on a Darcula theme if I import my editor color settings (and nothing else), all is fine.  I keep the Dark theme for everything but the actual editing window, which is customized to my parchment background with black font.

2. NOT WORKING ANY LONGER(?): When I install 3.1, I import from 2.4, and get a full Darcula Theme with the editing background still black.  When I import just the editor colors, I see a FLASH to a parchment editing background which is then immediately squashed by the Darcula colors.

It's as if in 3.1, you now reset the dark theme after import when you didn't do that in version 2.  Before, in 2.4, once the editor colors were set, they could be reimported on any reinstall of 2.4 and my background was still parchment.

BTW, same goes for the syntactic coloring, but one thing at a time.


Please report at with the customized themes attached and the steps to reproduce.


I could send the entirety of my settings export.  Is that what you mean by customized theme?


Yes, exported settings should be enough.


Ok, I've narrowed this down to the following problem and submitted a bug report.

It has to do with being in 3.1 and importing 2.4 settings.  The 2.4 settings are taken, I restart as instructed in the dialog, and when IDEA fires up and loads the project (and open java file) the background comes up with the 2.4 yellow for 2 seconds and then replaces it with the 3.1 black.

So to repeat the experiment, if in 3.1 I set the background to red, then import 2.4 settings, restart, it flashes to the 2.4 settings yellow for 2 seconds and then replaces it with red.

Very very weird.


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