File name doesn't keep VCS highlight


I'm using Pycharm 2018.3.1 Community version, and I setup VCS with subversion repository. But my problem is that when I modify a file, the color of its name change into blue, but when I save the file, the name goes white. I want to keep non-commit files in blue, but I don't know how to do, which setup option modify.Someone can explain me how to change that ?



Could not reproduce.

Are there any errors in logs?

You could submit an issue to and attach logs.


Finally I don't have the problem anymore.

I wanted to modify settings again, and in my project I have both svn and git. In my Version Control settings, I removed all my git project, and only keep svn project, and the problem disapeared.

I wanted to add git project to recreate the error, but I couldn't. Adding git project don't modify the filename highlight, so the issue was solved.


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