Disable Code Reformat on Auto Import

I am using WebStorm 2018.3.1 and I have noticed, that when I use the Auto Import feature "Add <classname> to existing import" the whole file is reformatted.

Apparently a similar issue existed in IntelliJ but was fixed.

Is there any way to suppress this behavior?


Do you mean Imports > Merge imports for members from the same module option? It doesn't happen to me - when import is added to a group (as a result of choosing module from completion, or hitting Alt+Enter to add missing import), the file formatting is kept untouched...

Please can you record a screencast that shows up your issue?


I now see that it doesn't do a complete reformat, but it certainly changes my double quotes " to single quotes ' (see the title = "testApp" line)


Thanks, logged as https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/WEB-36273, please follow it for updates.

As a workaround, use Add import statement instead of the Add <classname> to existing import quickfix


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