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Looking for some suggestions on my "save file workflow".

I have the awesome IdeaVim plugin installed.

When editing a file, I save it with :w   as per typical vi.  The saving goes perfect.

My problem is that I want to have the file automatically uploaded to the server.

My remote server is configured, and everything is syncing fine.

Yet, if I go Tools --> Deployment --> Options

In there, mid-way, there is a setting: Upload changed files automatically to the default server: Always///On explicit save action (Ctrl+S)///Never


If you choose Always, the IDE is uploading ALWAYS.

If a small change is done, the IDE will upload.

Bad for my specific usage because: Sometimes I am uploading some files that are constantly watched by, say nodemon or pm2.

As soon as they see a change in the files, they restart my application on the server.


So I try to cut down on this with:

Tools --> Deployment --> Options --> Upload changed files automatically to the default server: On explicit save action (Ctrl+S)

If I hit Ctrl+S, the IDE then uploads superbly.

Yet if I do IdeaVim's :w   to save, it does not trigger the "auto upload".


Any thoughts on what I could try?


Thank you!

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There is a related issue, please follow https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/VIM-608.


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