Horizontal alignment problem

A single multi line import statement causes all other short import statements to use 2 lines instead of horizontally aligning nicely as before. Is there any fix to this behavior?


Would it be possible to illustrate the issue with some example?

A code snippet or a screenshot would be fantastic!

import {injectStripe, CardElement, CardNumberElement, CardCVCElement, PostalCodeElement, PaymentRequestButtonElement} from "react-stripe-elements";
import {Button, Modal, Form, Input, Radio} from 'semantic-ui-react';
import {css} from "emotion";
import PaymentDetails
from "./PaymentDetails";
import {checkoutSteps} from "../constants";
import store from "../reducer";
import Axios from "axios";

I had to fix this code manually. Before it was like:

import Axios                               
from "axios";



I know that it could sound obvious but I was wondering if you have already tried to "Restore defaults" for the scheme in "Settings | Editor | Code Style". 

Also, did I get it correctly — it was fine in 2018.2.* and broken in 2018.3?


That would reset all other code style configs so is non-ideal. Curious if there is a more specific setting to change


Could you please export to XML and share your code style settings?


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