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When creating the release version I need to make sure, that some files are recompiled, because only then the new date for the program version in "about" window will be produced.

For now I was using QtCreator and out there it was very simple and I could do it for the specific build (debug/release):

Is there a way to execute such custom process step before build for the specific build(debug/release) in CLion? For now I only found the way to run external tool, but it is going to be done for the whole target, not for the specific build type.

The problem is, that if I configure it for the target then also in the debug build this files are removed, need to be rebuilt what slows down the development considerably.

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Hi! As a workaround you can create another run/debug configuration for this target (with "Run external tool" before launch step) and use it with Release profile, and use the original run/debug configuration with Debug profile.


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