PHPStorm Horrendous Performance and Constant Indexing

Ever since the most recent release of PHPStorm, there seems to be a major indexing problem.


Its constantly indexing  for whatever reason.  It is even going as far as indexing the Jetbrains Toolbox folder!.  Why in the hell would it even need to go that far?  This is having an adverse effect on my ability to work effectively.


I have invalidated the cache and reloaded and still faced the same issue.  Any ideas on how to resolve this would be great.  Thanks.


PHPStorm version is 2018.3



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Please check if you have anything suspicious added to Settings/Preferences | Languages & Frameworks | PHP | PHP Include.

If you don't, please close the project, move the .idea folder out of it, then open the project again. Would it help?


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