I want to buy WebStorm

I am student, and at the moment, I am using the free subscription of all JetBrains products. My free subscription will end in about 6 months. I write code in PyCharm, CLion and WebStorm. After 6 months, I will have to buy subscription for these three. Well, I can get along with PyCharm Community Edition. But I will have to buy WebStorm and CLion. Each cost 130$, adding them 260$ per year. I want to know can I get some discounts as I am a former student ? Also, will I get all the updates for the software within the subscription period?


it's 59$, not 130$ (https://www.jetbrains.com/webstorm/buy/#edition=personal)...
You can try WebStorm Early Access Preview builds - they give the access to the new features we're currently working on and are free to use.
Note also that we have special programs you can try applying to - please contact sales for information about existing programs/discounts


Thanks for the reply. It seems I was looking under the 'Organizational Usage' tab. And I will do as you say. Thanks again.



Do not miss your graduation discount.

You can find more details in this blog post: https://blog.jetbrains.com/blog/2015/12/11/jetbrains-student-program-how-to-renew-graduation-discount/



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