PhpStorm continuously crashes when editing a 800 line file


  • OS: macOS Mojave 10.14.1 (18B75)
  • Laptop: MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2016)
  • PhpStorm version: 2018.3.1 (183.4588.67)


  1. Working on a relatively big Angular project.
  2. Editing the State's Action file (which has 800 lines of code)
  3. PhpStorm randomly freezes when I'm typing something (only when I'm editing those files)
  4. I have to ForceQuit PhpStorm and start again.

How can I provide you with necessary data to debug this situation?
It's extremely annoying since I also lose a couple of minutes of work (if I don't save manually preemptively).
I'm guessing there are a lot of references going on and while PhpStorm want's to suggest me options it just completely freezes.

I've tried bumping up the max heap size to 3000MB but that does not help at all.

Thank you for your time. Plz help...


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There were some recent issues with Angular support, such as these two:
Both fixed in 2018.3.2 RC:

Please upgrade, check if the issue is still there, and if it is, submit a ticket attaching the logs bundle (Help | Compress Logs).


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